Aaron Willette

Sound Engineering student at University of Michigan

Software Projects

Virtual Instrument for Oculus Rift

Expressive, innovative musical instrument for non-musicians to experts. The user controls pitch and timbre of notes by moving objects in physical space. The intuitive controls and immersive environment make the experience engaging, fun, and creative. HTC Vive compatibility coming soon.

Unity package Video demo
Navigable, spatialized, musical environment

Created with Unity and Google's Resonance Audio - an immersive, atmospheric musical exploration. Player can choose their own adventure via proximity to different key zones in the space. VR port supports Oculus Rift.

Unity package Standalone player
VR package VR Standalone (windows)
Crowd in C
Audience-powered musical performance system

Extended code initially developed by Sang Won Lee. Added functionality for real-time bidirectional communication between audience members, a browsable library-of-users interface, and data logging for statistical analysis.

Github link Performance video
Link Returns The Ring to Mordor
VR minigame

Created with Unity - First experience with game development. Simple linear plot with emphasis on world-building. VR compatibility developed for Oculus Rift.

Unity package (Standalone coming soon)
Collaborative visual synthesis interface

Utilizes WebAudio and PubNub to allow real-time, bidirectional communication with sound dots

Github link Try it out
Creative AI Music Generator
Trained models to create melodies

Python program learns from provided music files - Custom Max/MSP synths perform melody, bassline, and chords. Made with teammates Jessica Glynn, Brad Gurwin, and Kayla Wiggins

Github link Hear it in action
KEC Analytics Project
C++ tool written as media assistant at Kellogg Eye Center

Command line interface expedites updating of resident engagement data - reads .csv files, tells user what to change.

Github link


Electronic Composition #1

Composed + produced in Ableton for PAT 202 class assignment - early techno + outrun influence. Big synths and 808s

Take a Joke
feat. Jacob Sugarman

Recorded + mixed in Reaper. Sounds of dry indie electronica

Let's Melt by Shmongo
Written by Jacob Sugarman and Geoff Brown

Played bass and assisted with engineering. Full album release coming soon